The uniqueness of Batu Nabau

  • Nabau is a giant snake comprarable to the size of drum and is more than 100 feet in length
  • Other than that, there are jawi as  alif, lam, ha, nun, mim, and sin which are split on the stone.
  • Batu Nabau has a great uniqueness which is natural without any touch up by he human made.

How to go there

By Road:

A journey start from Betong Town to Engkilili takes 45 minutes by car. To reach at the sites of Batu Nabau, you need to go the Engkilili junction. Firstly, you will passed Engkilili Town, then the next point is you will passed Kampung Melayu Engkilili. More forward, you will passed Rh. Panjang Nyalau and Rh. Panjang Bukong then lastly, you will meet the Batu Nabau entrance.

Another Batu Nabau History

The other tourist attraction in Engkilili is Batu Nabau. The boulder or known as Batu Nabau by local people is located in Bukong which is about 50 metres from the longhouse. The rock has been an icon for Engkilili for many years. With its unique shape and coloration, it attracts many people to come and take pictures of it. 

According to local Ibans, they believe that the rock is a deity guarding the area and one that has mystical powers to fend off evil spirits and protect the land there. It is interesting to note that those coming to the site are strongly reminded to watch their behaviour because any wrong doing could result in them 'being cursed' by the deity. 

The Batu Nabau measures more than 9 meters in length and 2 meters in diameter. It straddles Sungai Bukong at a place called Batu Lintang. The tale regarding Batu Nabau resurfaces after a Siamese from Kuala Lumpur made a claim on the existence of a huge snake that turned into stone as he doubled his efforts to locate it. With the assistance of the local residents in the Sri Aman District, he located Batu Nabau as dream. Together with the local residents, he painted the boulder and cleared the areas around it. The man's tale was published in the local newspaper.The tale did not end there as Jawi-like alphabets were said to have been found in the central portion of Batu Nabau. The alleged Jawi alphabets of alif, lam, nun, mim, and sin were said to have been arranged in a reverse order and separated from one another. 

As Batu Nabau has become a public attraction, the Lubok Antu District Council (MDLA) plans to develop the area as one of the tourist attraction.

History of Batu Nabau Engkilili, Sarawak.

Engkilili town

Batu Nabau is located at Engkilili which looked a giant snake comparable to the size of a drum according to Iban legend, more than 100 feet in length and it has a pattern on the stone. Other than that, there are jawi as alif, lam, ha, nun, mim, and sin which are split on the stone. The story of the stone should get broader coverage after a man from Siam had a dream into a giant snakes became a stones until the dream bring it found the Batu Nabau in Engkilili.

Jawi on the Batu Nabau

According to the elders nearby the Batu Nabau, Nabau is the name of a giant snake mysteriously present. Iban believer if Nabau appear across the Baleh River to help villagers to across the river because flooding will occur. 

There are other legends associated with Nabau, supposedly Nabau became a man and he luring a wife of the hero. The hero angered by the Nabau behaviour, he catch and cut Nabau into seven parts and thrown into the rapids. Rafting is now known as the Pelagus Rapid is located in Sungai Rajang.