History of Batu Nabau Engkilili, Sarawak.

Engkilili town

Batu Nabau is located at Engkilili which looked a giant snake comparable to the size of a drum according to Iban legend, more than 100 feet in length and it has a pattern on the stone. Other than that, there are jawi as alif, lam, ha, nun, mim, and sin which are split on the stone. The story of the stone should get broader coverage after a man from Siam had a dream into a giant snakes became a stones until the dream bring it found the Batu Nabau in Engkilili.

Jawi on the Batu Nabau

According to the elders nearby the Batu Nabau, Nabau is the name of a giant snake mysteriously present. Iban believer if Nabau appear across the Baleh River to help villagers to across the river because flooding will occur. 

There are other legends associated with Nabau, supposedly Nabau became a man and he luring a wife of the hero. The hero angered by the Nabau behaviour, he catch and cut Nabau into seven parts and thrown into the rapids. Rafting is now known as the Pelagus Rapid is located in Sungai Rajang.